Casting Resins

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Casting Resins are specifically formulated as 2-component 100% solids polyurea-based materials designed to produce dimensionally stable high temperature, high impact, chemical resistant parts. Resins are available in both hard or flexible versions and provide a dent-scratch resilient class A part surface. Flexible Casting Resin may be pour cast, RIM injected molded or cartridge gun spray dispensed. Cured materials are extremely tough and exhibit excellent durability against abrasion and cleaning chemicals. Casting Resins deliver a 1-15 minute reaction time to provide enhanced part manufacturing cycle times. Depending on the hard or semi-flexible neat formulation the material shrinkage will range from .007-.010 in./lin. in. Fillers may be added to reduce shrinkage and to provide other desired physical properties. Pigments are normally added to provide uniform appearance. Material functional operation temperature ranges from -40°F to 180°F.