WB Acrylic Modified Polyol

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WB Acrylic Modified Polyol is designed to be used in 2K waterborne coating formulations. This line of friendly no-VOC aliphatic polyols combine a unique combination of properties which lend themselves for use in exterior weather resistant applications. These polyols exhibit excellent durability regarding resistance to abrasion, chemicals and sunlight when mixed with an isocyanate crosslinker. They may also create an optically clear high gloss or matte finish which is available in rigid or flexible versions. WB Acrylic Modified Polyols materials may be color pigmented to for solid or translucent appearance.

These acrylic polyols deliver up to 70% solids content and are available in fast drying or slow drying formulations resulting in mix ratios of eithr 2B:1A or 4B:1A. These polyols are intended to be used with polyisocyanate crosslinkers with mid to high degrees of %NCO such as WB Aliphatic Prepolymer-16 or WB Aliphatic Prepolymer-23. SuperSkinSystems offers a large range of WB Aliphatic Prepolymers form many customized coating formulations.

Recommended storage conditions are to protect from frost and high heat, temperature range: 45-95 F (7-35 C) and kept in tightly closed containers no longer than 12 months. KEEP FROM FREEZING. Please refer to MSDS for Product Safety and Regulatory information.