Application Systems

SuperSkinSystems™ Liquid Application Systems

SuperSkinSystems™ is not just a research, development and engineering company to design super-polymer systems for extreme applications for Military, Government, Aerospace and Industrial specialty projects. We generate innovative protection products for all of us around the globe in very diverse applications. See below some of the many applications of SuperSkinSystems™ solutions.

Highway Tunnel Concrete Protection

Protect concrete constructed highway tunnels with StormSkin™ to seal and stop water leakage. This material provides structural concrete integrity, extreme-weather and chemical protection, impact resiliency and heavy abrasion resistance. Its elastomeric property at low temperatures allows structure movement between joints. StormSkin is anti-graffiti in nature to provide easy-to-clean maintenance.

Seal & Color Concrete With A Long-Lasting Protective Abrasion-Resistant Skin

Revitalize concrete stadiums. Use a color-tinted APA, ClearSkin  or StormSkin as TopCoat materials. Use Joint Seal to fill cracks. Use Non-Skid grit additive for non-slip surface. Primers must be used prior to appling ClearSkin or StormSkin. Protect old damaged concrete with a tough long-lasting abrasion resistant weatherable tough skin.

Super-Polymer BlastSkin™ Protecting Government Buildings From Explosive Terrorist Attacks

Use BlastSkin™ to protect human life inside important government buildings from destructive assaults. BlastSkin is applied directly to inner and outer wall, flooring, ceilings and roofs to secure the safety of inhabitants against deadly shrapnel.

Waterproof Concrete Foundations

Use expandable LeakStop™ to inject cracks and stop leaks. Then use StormSkin to waterproof concrete foundations. Apply a 1mm thick skin to seal out exterior wall leaks and strengthen crack-susceptible foundation walls. StormSkin is spray applied by a plural component high-pressure machine. It may be used underground or above ground to provide superior watertight protection.

Insulate and Soundproof Building Structures

Use RigidBuildingFoams create a quiet, energy efficient and comfortable home or office building. These foams are primarily used in floors, walls, roofs and ceilings to insulate and soundproof. Expansion and R-values depend on density as r-values range 4-7 per inch with densities ranging from 0.5 up to solid material (SG 1.15).

Garage Floor Coating

Use WBE-2 as a durable concrete coating to seal and protect garage floors. WBE-2 may be broadcast with texture and colored acrylic or paint chips to display a decorative appearance. WBE-2 products provide a tough abrasion resistant non-tire-staining hard coat.

Industrial Super-Polymer Protection

Use StormSkin™ to protect underground industrial pipelines against corrosion. A 1-3 mm skin will provide longevity and security to large industrial pipeline infrastructures. Use Corrosion Resistant Primer to provide superior cathodic protection. Prepare steel pipeline by sandblasting surface.

Mold and Part Making Super-Polymer

Use MoldMaker super-polymer to cast solid or laminated molds. MoldSkin allows for high temperatures which provides increased part production, thermal cycling and mold life. Parts may be cast using MoldSkin also. This 2K material may be RIM molded, machine sprayed or pour cast.

Create Safety Lines That Glow-In-The-Dark

Use GlowSkin™ to mark safety areas. Machine spray, Brush or Roll-on abrasion resistant weatherable protective skin to concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, polymers etc. Light charge lasts up to 2 hrs.

Marble, Granite, Synthetic Stone Crystal Clear Coatings

Use ClearSkin or WBE-2 as a protective coating to seal porous materials while providing a hard-surface coat.

ClearSkin™ Favorite Projects

Use ClearSkin as a protective clear coat mirror finish or as a color-tinted ClearSkin. This material will provide an abrasion resistant skin to fight against scuffing and scratches. The 2-component mixture may be applied by spray, roller or brush.

Super-Polymer Coatings For Commercial Dumpsters

Use StormSkin or WBE-2 to protect steel from rust oxidization caused by chemical and water reactions. A spray coating thickness of 1mm will eliminate floor and wall replacement to greatly extend the service life of container.

Secure Liquid Holding Tanks By Applying A ChemSkin™ Containment Lining

Use ChemSkin™ super-polymer to line tanks and reservoirs providing a secure unitized skin lining. ChemSkin™ may be applied directly to clean steel surfaces. Lining eliminates the potential from corrosion or leakage from hairline structural breach. Exterior use APA for a long-lasting protection.

Seal & Protect Concrete Counter Tops

Use WBE-2 or ClearSkin, seal porous concrete counter tops. WB is available in matte or gloss finish. ClearSkin™ is only available in high gloss.

Use FireSkin™ To Protect Enclosed Trapped Areas

Use FireSkin™ super-polymer systems to build custom-shaped fire shield barrier surface walls, floors and ceilings in the construction of passenger cruise ships.

Stamped Concrete MoldMaker

Use MoldMaker to create high performance abrasion resistant molds for stamping concrete. This material produces an extremely strong, fastener tap-able durable mold body. Its surface is non-stick which provides excellent clean up. Fine detail is achieved using this 1:1 mix casting resin. The mold’s longevity for print stamping is superior due to its inherent chemical resistant nature and high-temperature endurance.

Protecting Military Personnel With Super-Polymers

Use BlastSkin™ and BallisticSkin™ super-polymers to protect military personnel vehicles from land based explosives and gun fire. protective skin to provide a tough abrasion resistant skin to marine vessels. Anti-fouling copper may be added to resin to help fight against barnacle growth.

Commercial Tanker Protection

Use an APA or WBE-2 or CorrosionResistantPrimer in conjunction with AcrylicTopcoat or ClearSkin to protect commercial tankers from corrosive attack. These high performance coatings provide long-lasting protection for long service life.

Weather-Tight Insulative Foam Tank Barrier

Use RigidBuildingFoams to insulate and weather protect liquid temperature sensitive liquid holding tanks. A UV protective and abrasive resistant topcoat, such as APA, is applied directly to the cured foam.

Elastomeric Tough-Coat For Lifetime Foundation Sealing

Use StormSkin to seal out water from seeping into foundation walls. This tough skin will permit foundation movement and settling while still providing lifetime protective seal.

Super-Polymer Coatings For Marine Equipment

Use StormSkin™ or ChemSkin™ to protect marine components subjected to extreme abraion and corrosion. Spray applied skin thickness of 1mm provides a tough abrasion and chemical resistant coating.

Anti-Skid Floor Coating

Use WBE-2 with clear Texture Fines to provide an Anti-Skid surface due to wet floors such as public hotel lobbies, shopping store entrance floors or commercial building exterior steps. If substrate is old stained concrete, shot blast and vacuum clean, prime using WBEpoxy at 4-6 mils, fill cracks using JointSeal by hand troweling then topcoat with Anti-Skid WBClearSkin by roller. WBClearSkin will provide a tough durable weatherable long-lasting floor protective coating. Floor may be open for heavy traffic after 24 hours.