• BallisticSkin™ Polyurea

    BallisticSkin™ super-polymer technologies are designated into 3 groups: BS-NEAT, BS-LAM and BS-SM. BS-NEAT may be cast optically clear to a thickness of 1.25″ (31mm) to handle intense hand gun fire at close range with fire-power from multiple rounds of 44 magnum, 9 mm and 45 caliber bullets. As shown in shown Fig. 1 a couple of 45 caliber bullets were stopped at a depth of .375″ into BS-NEAT at close range. BS-LAM is specificially designed for composite builds using numerous inner members such as ultra hard steels, ceramics, kevlar fabrics and ultra-dense engineered thermoplastics. BS-SM is an ultra tough energy absorbing skin used primarily in shrapnel mitigation.

    BallisticSkin super-polymer materials are capable of absorbing very high impact energy, extremely high tear resistance and can withstand high heat capacities whereby demonstrating ultimate toughness. The spray version of BallisticSkin (BS-SM) is used to strengthen a variety of military grade substrates used for tranportation vehicles, armorment assemblies and structural building reinforcement as shown in Fig. 2 where BS-SM is sprayed on a high strength very hard steel (Brinnel 60-65) panel at a thickness of 3.6 mm. Shown from the back side, the left hand side shows the dark green BS-SM super-polymer coating strenghthening the hard steel keeping it from shattering into shrapnel and panel failure cracking.

    Generally, BallisticSkin™ super-polymers are used in some type of ballistic shielding applications. These materials may be applied to many types of structural substrates which include high strength steel, 6061 Aluminum, high-strength composites, wood laminates, reinforced masonry and concrete. These unique materials provide extreme protection for safe-houses, personnel vehicles, government buildings, armed outposts and special aircraft. For specific applications, please contact our technical support group.

    Sprayed samples must be aged 30 days at room temperature prior to shooting.

    Please call or email our Technical Support Group for any questions regarding material, application or prospective uses.

  • BlastSkin™

    BlastSkin™ polyurea is a high strength energy absorbing super-polymer designed to deliver extensive elastomeric resiliency when subjected to explosive energy forces. This military grade formulation possess extremely high material tear strengths, exceptional abrasion and superior toughness. When subjected to an exothermic explosion, the super-polymer’s molecular geometry is pushed to a very high energy state enabling it to absorb the kinetic energy of the blast’s shock wave. It will provide containment of its underlying fractured substrate peventing the debris of shrapnel fragments. Military testing has demonstrated blast pressure rates in the order of 250 psi/ms performance at 0.25″ thickness. See BlastSkin Test Blast Movie

    BallisticSkin™ is constructed as a NEAT super-polymer or as a composite fabrication. Material thicknesses of the super-polymers are dictated by the requ ired level of protective performance along with application specific required substrates. Typical material substrates include very high strength steel, 6061 Aluminum, UHMW engineering polymers, fabric composites, ceramics, masonry and concrete. Please contact our technical support group for specific substrate application procedures, spray machines, safety gear and clean-up kits. Refer to MSDS for material and safety standard procedures.

  • ChemSkin™ Polyurea

    ChemSkin is an extremely tough, 100% solids, super-polymer formulations which stands up to high heat and provides excellent chemical resistance.  ChemSkin provides excellent bonding performance, low surface friction, toughness and abrasion resistance.  This unique super-polymer is designed to be applied as a fast-set spray with gel time of approximately 5-10 seconds.  ChemSkin is available with flame retardants upon request.  ChemSkin is a naturally caramel colored translucent coating which can be color tinted to produce translucent or opaque colors.  This aromatic super-polymer is not UV stable and must be top coated with an aliphatic UV stable coating.

  • ChemSkin™ Silicone Polyurea (CSP)

    CSP is a patented 100% solid silicone modified polyurea. The silicone modification increases chemical resistance, lowers water absorption, improves UV resistance and has higher HDT. The CSP also meets the NSF-61 requirement for potable water.

    US Patent #: 9,714,363

  • FireSkin™ 2K

    ChemicalResistance-ClearSkin (3)FireSkin 2K super-polymer is an insulating microcellular polymeric material that will withstand direct flame contact. It emits low smoke and flame spread during flame exposure making it a valuable resource for diverse fire protection enclosure applications.

    It has been specially designed to coat polyurethane and polystyrene foams for fire protection. Other uses include protecting buildings, humans, animals and all nature against the destructive force of fire. Uses include deployable fire barrier systems, mobile structures, hazardous containers and specialily shielding systems for schools and apartments.

    Please call or email our Technical Support Group for any questions regarding material, application or prospective uses.

  • Silicone Epoxy

    Silicone Epoxy is a high temperature epoxy with excellent chemical resistance. It provides superior resistance to water spotting, even under adverse conditions and is DOT noncorrosive. This material is used in industrial flooring, chemically resistant tank linings, chemical handling equipment, chemical storage vessels and marine environments. It is used on metal, wood, fiberglass, concrete, masonry and other difficult to coat surfaces requiring a tough chemical resistant coating. Silicone Epoxy is optically clear and has excellent UV Resistance. It has outstanding temperature resistance allowing it to be used up to 400°F.

  • StormSkin™

    StormSkin™ polyurea is a very strong highly resilient super-polymer designed to aid in the protection of building infrastructures, pipelines, bridges, etc. This super-polymer is a derivative of BlastSkin™, a Military-Grade super-polymer, targeting extreme properties such as tear strength, impact and abrasion resistance. StormSkin is a non-breathable polyurea which eliminates water vapor transmission to underlying surfaces. This prevents metals to oxidize or rust under its impenetrable skin. It is used primarily to protect industrial infrastructures, waterproofing containment areas, steel frameworks, natural gas/oil pipelines, surge water walls, tanks reservoirs, rail cars, above and below ground piping, concrete and masonry waterproofing, heavy equipment coating, shipbuilding and harsh marine corrosive environments.

    Engineering Technical Support Group for any technical questions regarding material, application or prospective uses.

    Please call or email our Technical Support Group for any questions regarding material, application or prospective uses.