Specialty Systems

  • Anti-Graffiti Coating

    Anti-Graffiti coating represents a new class of tough thin and durable advanced polymers. This easy to apply coating turns ordinary walls and ceilings into a cleanable canvas of art. It’s unique physical properties give it superior cleanability and resistance to Sharpie solvent markers and most paints. Universal rubbing alcohol is used as the cleaner fluid with a dry clean rag. The Anti-Graffiti Coating is used on school room walls to replace blackboards and dry erase boards, subway walls and ceilings to provide easier paint removal, hospital walls and floors to enable easy clean up sanitary surfaces, protect outdoor building walls, steel and concrete bridges members, public bathroom walls and any surface indoor or out which requires graffiti protection or to aid in cleaning.

    This 70% solids 2-component coating is water based and therefore is easy to clean up using soap and water. It is easily applied using roller, air-less spray machine or brush. Pot life after mixing is 30 minutes with air dry tack free surface time of 45 minutes depending on ambient humidity. It may be formulated in just about any color or clear as its natural state. It exhibits a high functioning temperature of 220°F, excellent abrasion and outdoor UV stability. It remains flexible at 0°F and can withstand light mild solvent attack. Given this materials extraordinary clean-ability and durability characteristics it lends itself to many diverse demanding applications.

    Please call or email our Technical Support Group for any questions regarding material, application or prospective uses.

  • BlastSkin II – Mine Safety

    BlastSkin II- Mine Surface Protection System is a very strong super-polymer coating system designed to provide structural support while shielding against water and methane infiltration for all surfaces in the mine. This system provides high chemical, abrasion resistance, low fire and smoke meeting Class 1 ASTM E84, MSHA ASTM E162, Radiant Panel testing and MSHA IC-249 Flame resistance of solid products. The BlastSkinII protection system effectively delivers increases load bearing capacity and reduces localized failure points to defend against rupture and bursting. This high-strength composite structure provides added protection to mine workers, framework infrastructure and overall mine safety.

    Mine Surface Protection System:

    1. Inject LeakStop into all surface cracks and voids.
    2. Spray structural FireSkin™ Foam (10 pcf) on mine surfaces (25mm).
    3. Apply BlastSkinII super-polymer over the structural FireSkin Foam (3mm to 6mm).
    4. Apply GlowSkin striping to walls (0.5mm).
  • Continuous Panel Laminator

    SuperSkinSystems has developed a continuous foam panel laminating machine to produce foam boards for a variety of applications. This machine technology combined our foam chemistry technology may accommodate board stock widths as wide as desired utilizing multiple dispensing heads and increased conveyor units heads continuous 30″ wide board stock which may incorporate a host of outer skin materials and inner reinforcement materials sandwiched together using our RigidBuildingFoams or FireSkinFoams. These matrix foaming core materials may also be Bio-based and available in densities ranging from 2-30 pcf. The outer skins of the continuous panel may include a wide range of materials such as cardboard, wood, plastics, canvas, fabrics, metals and woven reinforcement cloths. Inner laminate materials such as Basalt, S-glass, Carbon or Kevlar fibers may also be incorporated into the panel to be used as structural reinforcements. Panels lengths may be cut to any size and widths may be narrowed down to just a few inches for specialized applications. Panels thickness may range from 0.25-4.0 inches.

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    Decorative Panels may be achieved by color top-coating and sequential color texturing. Panels may be secondary coated with any SuperSkinSystems materials for desired specifications. Structural Panels used in flooring applications may be coated with our Non-Skid system or coated with our high dielectric coating to arrest electrical conduction. These lightweight very high strength panels utilize non-hydroscopic foaming cores to allow for exterior use. Typical panel uses include floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, exterior signage, decorative interior design, displays, furniture, structural reinforcing spars, boat transoms, firewalls, shielding, etc.

    Given the diversity of materials which may be integrated into this Panel Composite and/or the selection of applied high-performance exterior coatings, these panels offer extraordinary characteristics which lends themselves into many diverse and demanding applications. For assistance in the selection of a panel construction and its application, please call or email our Technical Support Group.

  • Decorative TextureCoat™

    ChemicalResistance-ClearSkin (2)Decorative TextureCoat™ (DTC) is a tough weather resistant UV stable protective coating. It presents a decorative stucco-like texture finish which exhibits excellent durability and resistance to high wind abrasion, chemicals, staining and sunlight. This coating demonstrates a combination of many unique characteristics exhibiting excellent adhesion and penetrating capabilities securing a high performance bond to substrate. Decorative color texturing chips give this single component sprayable material a wide range of styling effects. This waterproofing exterior tough-coat may be used over diverse types of substrates such as existing stucco, concrete, brick, stone, metal, wood and composites.

    DTC is used as a waterproofing exterior topcoat sealer. DTC spray coating maintains good flexibility in severe hot and cold environments. It’s surface skin may be ultra-fine to medium to coarse. It is commonly used for face-lifting stucco and painted surfaces. It may also be mixed with other aggregates such aluminium oxide, walnut shells or fine stone creating anti-skid and finely styled decorative surfaces. See color textures chart for standard color blends.

    Decorative TextureCoat™ is a high performance aliphatic coating with very low ordor during application. Color pigments and textures may also be added as desired. This material may also be applied directly to urethane foam materials in such applications as exterior artwork, architectural moldings or decorative facial panels.

  • GlowSkin

    GlowSkin is a durable long-lasting glow-in-the-dark harsh environment coating used primarily in safety applications providing dark dangerous areas a strong nite-light. When fully charged by the sun or auxiliary lights, the nite-light GlowSkin lasts brilliantly for 2 hours. This material is embodied ClearSkin which delivers an extremely tough weather resistant coating. It exhibits excellent durability regarding resistance to abrasion, chemicals and sunlight. Being very tough, it is used primarily in exterior high-wear environments where severe topcoat protection is required. Although GlowSkin may be used directly on many types of surfaces, it is normally used over a reflective base-coat color such as white, yellow or silver to add more to the reflective-glow. GlowSkin top-coat is available in Green and Blue. Mixing together gives a gentle aqua or light teal.

    GlowSkin is a very intense high-performance glow material used in military ships, transportation subways and tunnels, amusement parks, parking decks, office building stairwells, boat docks and the art world. It provides excellent adhesive characteristics and can withstand arctic freezing or desert hot conditions.

    Please contact our Customer Service and Technical Support Group for any questions or to provide direction with specific selection of a material system, questionable target surfaces, operational procedures, material pumping/spray machines, spray/pour guns, safety protection gear and clean-up kits. Please refer to MSDS for material safety information.

  • H-100

    H100 is an aromatic diamine that has been modified to have epoxy linkage on the tail. H100 can be incorporated in polyurea, polyurethane and used as a hardner for epoxy.

  • HardSkin

    HardSkin is an industrial abrasion resistant spray coating to be used over low density substrates such as polystyrene foam and polyurethane foams which require exterior surface hardnesses up to 70 Shore D. It also provides excellent chemical and moisture resistance and is available with fire retardants to meet E84 Class I. This material is a two component 100% solids and contains no VOCs or solvents. These specialized formulations deliver optimal curing application in very cold or hot climates. HardSkin is paintable and impact resistant.

    HardSkin is normally applied by a 2K high pressure plural component pumping machine with hose and primary heat set at 150F. It becomes tack free in 15-20 sec., full cure in 48 hrs. and delivers a functional temperature range of -20F to 200F. This material may also be applied by hand-held cartridge gun used at room temperature.

    Please contact our technical support group for specific substrate application procedures, equipment, safety gear and clean-up kits. Refer to MSDS for material and safety standard procedures.

  • JointSeal

    ChemicalResistance-ClearSkin (1)Joint Seal is a 2-component elastomeric sealing polymer system designed to act as a crack filler primarily in concrete. This material provides exceptional adhesion characteristics and fast cure times. It is highly chemical resistant, insensitive to water, abrasion resistant and remains thermally stable in a range of -20°F (-29 C) to 250°F (125 C). It may be used under traditional floor coatings or any of our top-coating materials. Joint Seal is used in heavy traffic warehouse floors, refrigeration floors, chemical spill prone floors, pothole road repair or under ceramic tile floors. It meets FDA regulations for indirect food contact (CFR 21, Sec. 175-300).

  • RailSkin™

    RailSkin™ polyurea is an extremely tough abrasion resistant super-polymer designed to protect the interior of steel or aluminium rail cars which are used to haul harsh aggregates such as coal, rock, salt, land-fill materials, etc. This 2k 1A:1B material provides superior tear and impact strength while delivering a high degree of corrosion resistance. RailTuff is a non-breathable polyurea which eliminates water vapor transmission to underlying surfaces to prevent the undelying metals from oxidizing. RailSkin may also be used in many other industrial and harsh environments.

    Please contact our Technical Support Group for any technical questions regarding material, application or prospective uses.

  • Rapid Soil Stabilizer

    Rapid Soil Stabilizer is a long-lasting UV stable 1-component cross-linked waterborne formulation delivering excellent chemical and water resistance. It is designed specifically for controlling heavy dust areas generated by aircraft, road traffic, construction site and areas prone to high gusting winds. Superior performance is achieved when the micro-polymers coalesce as water dissipates from the carrier system. High strength bonding forms between the soil and aggregate particles. The water-resistant co-polymer matrix dries clear and transparent leaving the natural landscape appearance.

    Soil, sand and and harsh dust control are the primary applications for this engineered polymer. The micro-penetrating nature of this 30% solids material promotes its use for priming and sealing of masonry, wood, stucco and other porous substrates. This material may also be used as a primer in many SuperSkinSystem’s coating applications.

    Rapid Soil Stabilizer is a spray applied solvent-free low viscosity dispersion which dries clear and flexible in 1 hour at room temperature. The product is odorless, non-hazardous, non-flammable and environmentally safe. Color pigments may be added to visually determine when re-coating is necessary. It is non-tracking, non-leaching and animal safe. It will not wash away with rain once cured continually providing a superior micron dust-net.

    For technical assistance, please give our Customer Service/Tech Support Group a call at 404-216-4711 or 336-601-6005. Please refer to MSDS for material and safety standard procedures.

  • Roto-Molding Resins

    RotoMolding Resins are specifically formulated 2-component 100% solids hybrid polyurea-based material designed to produce dimensionally stable, structural hollow part moldings. This material is normally batch-mixed and poured into hollow room-temp mold. Solidification times may be tailored to accommodate large part or intricate moldings. Casting material is normally applied at room temperature. Resins may be colored-tinted as well as durometers may be formulated to range from 60A-75D. Resins may be neat or filled to meet material shrinkage requirements (1% to 0.5% respectively). Material formulations functional operation temperatures may be formulated to range from -20°F to 200°F.