Continuous Panel Laminator

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SuperSkinSystems has developed a continuous foam panel laminating machine to produce foam boards for a variety of applications. This machine technology combined our foam chemistry technology may accommodate board stock widths as wide as desired utilizing multiple dispensing heads and increased conveyor units heads continuous 30″ wide board stock which may incorporate a host of outer skin materials and inner reinforcement materials sandwiched together using our RigidBuildingFoams or FireSkinFoams. These matrix foaming core materials may also be Bio-based and available in densities ranging from 2-30 pcf. The outer skins of the continuous panel may include a wide range of materials such as cardboard, wood, plastics, canvas, fabrics, metals and woven reinforcement cloths. Inner laminate materials such as Basalt, S-glass, Carbon or Kevlar fibers may also be incorporated into the panel to be used as structural reinforcements. Panels lengths may be cut to any size and widths may be narrowed down to just a few inches for specialized applications. Panels thickness may range from 0.25-4.0 inches.

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Decorative Panels may be achieved by color top-coating and sequential color texturing. Panels may be secondary coated with any SuperSkinSystems materials for desired specifications. Structural Panels used in flooring applications may be coated with our Non-Skid system or coated with our high dielectric coating to arrest electrical conduction. These lightweight very high strength panels utilize non-hydroscopic foaming cores to allow for exterior use. Typical panel uses include floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, exterior signage, decorative interior design, displays, furniture, structural reinforcing spars, boat transoms, firewalls, shielding, etc.

Given the diversity of materials which may be integrated into this Panel Composite and/or the selection of applied high-performance exterior coatings, these panels offer extraordinary characteristics which lends themselves into many diverse and demanding applications. For assistance in the selection of a panel construction and its application, please call or email our Technical Support Group.


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