• 5000-2.5 TRX Pouring Foam

    5000-2.5 TRX pouring foam is a water-blown foam designed especially for pour casting into molds to create very intricate very diverse parts. This pouring foam is blended to specifically designed re-activity molding times such as creme time, gel time, tack-free and overall cure time. The foam contains a bio-based polyol. This pour casting foam may be used in a variety of applications in very diverse industries such as architectural wall and decorative part moldings, furniture and toy markets, specialty part moldings etc.

    Please contact our Customer Service and Technical Support Group for any questions or to provide direction with specific selection of a material system, questionable target applications, operational procedures, material pumping/pour machines, safety protection gear and clean-up.

  • 70D Casting Resin

    ChemicalResistanceChartCasting Resin 70 is specifically formulated 2-component 100% solids polyurea-based materials designed to produce dimensionally stable, chemical resistant parts. This material may be pour cast, RIM injected molded or cartridge gun spray dispensed. Cured parts exhibit hardness of 70 D, excellent physical durability and chemical resistance. Casting Resin 70 reactivity is very fast with a 1-2 minute gel for fast manufacturing part cycle times obtaining full cure within 24 hours. Material shrinkage is 1%. Fillers may be added to reduce shrinkage and to provide other desired physical properties. Pigments are normally added to provide uniform appearance. Material functional operation temperature ranges from -20°F to 250°F.

  • Aliphatic Prepolymers (APU Series)

    The APU Series is a new family of HDI aliphatic prepolymers using polyurea technology. All prepolymers are monomer extracted to levels of 0.1%. The prepolymers are available from 6% to 20% NCO. Specifically designed or custom Prepolymers may be manufactured for client needs. All prepolymers are 100% solids. These prepolymers may be supplied with solvents upon request. The APU # indicates the % NCO. APU-16 is one our standard workhorse prepolymers in polyurea formulations and well as in the polyaspartic series of products to deliver specific performances.

  • Anti-Graffiti Coating

    Anti-Graffiti coating represents a new class of tough thin and durable advanced polymers. This easy to apply coating turns ordinary walls and ceilings into a cleanable canvas of art. It’s unique physical properties give it superior cleanability and resistance to Sharpie solvent markers and most paints. Universal rubbing alcohol is used as the cleaner fluid with a dry clean rag. The Anti-Graffiti Coating is used on school room walls to replace blackboards and dry erase boards, subway walls and ceilings to provide easier paint removal, hospital walls and floors to enable easy clean up sanitary surfaces, protect outdoor building walls, steel and concrete bridges members, public bathroom walls and any surface indoor or out which requires graffiti protection or to aid in cleaning.

    This 70% solids 2-component coating is water based and therefore is easy to clean up using soap and water. It is easily applied using roller, air-less spray machine or brush. Pot life after mixing is 30 minutes with air dry tack free surface time of 45 minutes depending on ambient humidity. It may be formulated in just about any color or clear as its natural state. It exhibits a high functioning temperature of 220°F, excellent abrasion and outdoor UV stability. It remains flexible at 0°F and can withstand light mild solvent attack. Given this materials extraordinary clean-ability and durability characteristics it lends itself to many diverse demanding applications.

    Please call or email our Technical Support Group for any questions regarding material, application or prospective uses.

  • APA

    APA is a new revolutionary, zero VOC, non-conventional exterior, 100% polyurea coating. This product has been designed specifically to deliver the toughness and abrasion resistant properties of that of an aromatic polyurea but provides the capability of retaining color-fastness for a full range of pigmented colors. Unlike conventional aromatic polyurea, which in a white pigmented system turns yellow in hours when left in direct sun light, APA systems can withstand direct harsh sunlight experiencing no color change after 1 year. APA is available with different hardness and reactivities. APA is available in 2 versions – horizontal and vertical. Horizontal APA has a gel time of approximately 30-45 seconds allowing the ability to broadcast into it if desired, whereas Vertical APA is a quick set material allowing to be sprayed vertically without running. APA has excellent adhesion properties allowing it to be sprayed on all types of surfaces including spray foams. APA complies with FDA 21CFR 175.105 and 21 CFR 175.300. APA is also available with fire retardant additives. These additives allow APA to meet ASTM E84 Class A. APA uses a mix ratio of 1A – 1B. APA may be applied using high pressure heated plural equipment, low pressure heated equipment or using cold spray 2K cartridge equipment. Recommended heater settings are 140°F for both primary heaters and hose heater. Machine pressure should be set at around 2000 psi.

  • BallisticSkin™ Polyurea

    BallisticSkin™ super-polymer technologies are designated into 3 groups: BS-NEAT, BS-LAM and BS-SM. BS-NEAT may be cast optically clear to a thickness of 1.25″ (31mm) to handle intense hand gun fire at close range with fire-power from multiple rounds of 44 magnum, 9 mm and 45 caliber bullets. As shown in shown Fig. 1 a couple of 45 caliber bullets were stopped at a depth of .375″ into BS-NEAT at close range. BS-LAM is specificially designed for composite builds using numerous inner members such as ultra hard steels, ceramics, kevlar fabrics and ultra-dense engineered thermoplastics. BS-SM is an ultra tough energy absorbing skin used primarily in shrapnel mitigation.

    BallisticSkin super-polymer materials are capable of absorbing very high impact energy, extremely high tear resistance and can withstand high heat capacities whereby demonstrating ultimate toughness. The spray version of BallisticSkin (BS-SM) is used to strengthen a variety of military grade substrates used for tranportation vehicles, armorment assemblies and structural building reinforcement as shown in Fig. 2 where BS-SM is sprayed on a high strength very hard steel (Brinnel 60-65) panel at a thickness of 3.6 mm. Shown from the back side, the left hand side shows the dark green BS-SM super-polymer coating strenghthening the hard steel keeping it from shattering into shrapnel and panel failure cracking.

    Generally, BallisticSkin™ super-polymers are used in some type of ballistic shielding applications. These materials may be applied to many types of structural substrates which include high strength steel, 6061 Aluminum, high-strength composites, wood laminates, reinforced masonry and concrete. These unique materials provide extreme protection for safe-houses, personnel vehicles, government buildings, armed outposts and special aircraft. For specific applications, please contact our technical support group.

    Sprayed samples must be aged 30 days at room temperature prior to shooting.

    Please call or email our Technical Support Group for any questions regarding material, application or prospective uses.

  • BlastSkin II – Mine Safety

    BlastSkin II- Mine Surface Protection System is a very strong super-polymer coating system designed to provide structural support while shielding against water and methane infiltration for all surfaces in the mine. This system provides high chemical, abrasion resistance, low fire and smoke meeting Class 1 ASTM E84, MSHA ASTM E162, Radiant Panel testing and MSHA IC-249 Flame resistance of solid products. The BlastSkinII protection system effectively delivers increases load bearing capacity and reduces localized failure points to defend against rupture and bursting. This high-strength composite structure provides added protection to mine workers, framework infrastructure and overall mine safety.

    Mine Surface Protection System:

    1. Inject LeakStop into all surface cracks and voids.
    2. Spray structural FireSkin™ Foam (10 pcf) on mine surfaces (25mm).
    3. Apply BlastSkinII super-polymer over the structural FireSkin Foam (3mm to 6mm).
    4. Apply GlowSkin striping to walls (0.5mm).
  • BlastSkin™

    BlastSkin™ polyurea is a high strength energy absorbing super-polymer designed to deliver extensive elastomeric resiliency when subjected to explosive energy forces. This military grade formulation possess extremely high material tear strengths, exceptional abrasion and superior toughness. When subjected to an exothermic explosion, the super-polymer’s molecular geometry is pushed to a very high energy state enabling it to absorb the kinetic energy of the blast’s shock wave. It will provide containment of its underlying fractured substrate peventing the debris of shrapnel fragments. Military testing has demonstrated blast pressure rates in the order of 250 psi/ms performance at 0.25″ thickness. See BlastSkin Test Blast Movie

    BallisticSkin™ is constructed as a NEAT super-polymer or as a composite fabrication. Material thicknesses of the super-polymers are dictated by the requ ired level of protective performance along with application specific required substrates. Typical material substrates include very high strength steel, 6061 Aluminum, UHMW engineering polymers, fabric composites, ceramics, masonry and concrete. Please contact our technical support group for specific substrate application procedures, spray machines, safety gear and clean-up kits. Refer to MSDS for material and safety standard procedures.

  • Casting Resins

    Casting Resins are specifically formulated as 2-component 100% solids polyurea-based materials designed to produce dimensionally stable high temperature, high impact, chemical resistant parts. Resins are available in both hard or flexible versions and provide a dent-scratch resilient class A part surface. Flexible Casting Resin may be pour cast, RIM injected molded or cartridge gun spray dispensed. Cured materials are extremely tough and exhibit excellent durability against abrasion and cleaning chemicals. Casting Resins deliver a 1-15 minute reaction time to provide enhanced part manufacturing cycle times. Depending on the hard or semi-flexible neat formulation the material shrinkage will range from .007-.010 in./lin. in. Fillers may be added to reduce shrinkage and to provide other desired physical properties. Pigments are normally added to provide uniform appearance. Material functional operation temperature ranges from -40°F to 180°F.

  • ChemEpoxy

    ChemicalResistanceChart-WBJetEpoxyChemEpoxy is a versatile fast low-temperature curing Novalac epoxy with excellent chemical resistance such as resistance to 98% sulfuric and 37% HCL acids. It provides superior resistance to water spotting, even under adverse conditions, and is DOT noncorrosive. This material is used in industrial flooring, chemically resistant tank linings, chemical handling equipment, chemical storage vessels and marine environments. It is used on metal, wood, fiberglass, concrete, masonry and other difficult to coat low temperature surfaces requiring a tough chemical resistant coating.

    ChemEpoxy is 2-component mixture which may be applied using roller, brush or low-pressure pot spray. This material is to be used directly on clean dry contaminant-free surfaces and becomes tack free within 1 hour depending on ambient humidity and temperature. Full cure is achieved under normal drying humidity in 7 days at ambient temperature.

    Please contact our technical support group for specific substrate application procedures, equipment, safety gear and clean-up kits. Refer to MSDS for material and safety standard procedures.

  • ChemSkin™ Polyurea

    ChemSkin is an extremely tough, 100% solids, super-polymer formulations which stands up to high heat and provides excellent chemical resistance.  ChemSkin provides excellent bonding performance, low surface friction, toughness and abrasion resistance.  This unique super-polymer is designed to be applied as a fast-set spray with gel time of approximately 5-10 seconds.  ChemSkin is available with flame retardants upon request.  ChemSkin is a naturally caramel colored translucent coating which can be color tinted to produce translucent or opaque colors.  This aromatic super-polymer is not UV stable and must be top coated with an aliphatic UV stable coating.

  • ChemSkin™ Silicone Polyurea (CSP)

    CSP is a patented 100% solid silicone modified polyurea. The silicone modification increases chemical resistance, lowers water absorption, improves UV resistance and has higher HDT. The CSP also meets the NSF-61 requirement for potable water.

    US Patent #: 9,714,363