Aliphatic Prepolymers (APU Series)

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The APU Series is a new family of HDI aliphatic prepolymers using polyurea technology. All prepolymers are monomer extracted to levels of 0.1%. The prepolymers are available from 6% to 20% NCO. Specifically designed or custom Prepolymers may be manufactured for client needs. All prepolymers are 100% solids. These prepolymers may be supplied with solvents upon request. The APU # indicates the % NCO. APU-16 is one our standard workhorse prepolymers in polyurea formulations and well as in the polyaspartic series of products to deliver specific performances.

Physical Properties

Aliphatic Prepolymers Series
Product % NCO Viscosity cps SG
APU-6 6 1200 cps 1.14
APU-8 8 1050 cps 1.14
APU-10 10 875 cps 1.14
APU-12 12 750 cps 1.14
APU-14 14 600 cps 1.14
APU-16 16 600 cps 1.14
APU-20-LV 20 520 cps 1.16
APU-20-HF 20 1940 cps 1.17
APU-23 23 600 cps 1.17
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