ChemSkin™ Silicone Polyurea (CSP)

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Quick Overview

CSP is a patented 100% solid silicone modified polyurea. The silicone modification increases chemical resistance, lowers water absorption, improves UV resistance and has higher HDT. The CSP also meets the NSF-61 requirement for potable water.

US Patent #: 9,714,363

Technical Application Data

ChemSkin Polyurea (CSP) does not contain VOC’s. Application temperature ranges from 40°F – 100°F. Functional operation temperature ranges from -40° to 250°F. CSP may be applied by a standard 2-component, high pressure spray machine. Substrate surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contaminates and dust. Substrates must be free of loose rust, paint, moisture, dirt oils, etc. If application surface exhibits extensive corrosion, spalling and/or weak deteriorating substrate, normal forms of media or shot blasting is recommended to create a secure surface preparation. For conditions which may only require liquid washing and cleaning with detergents, acids, bio-enzymes, etc. or conditions involving processes of scrubbing, rinsing and drying, the finish surface must not retain any residual cleaner unless specified by Superskinsystems, Inc. Concrete must be fully cured and should be prepared with shot blasting, diamond grinding or machine sanding depending on the severity of the concrete surface condition. Similar proper preparation must be performed for metal surfaces. Primers are recommended for proper preparation. Always power clean using mild detergent prior to sanding, etc. Spray coverage at 16 mils is 100 sq. ft./ mixed gallon.


A geotextile material is soaked with water and then sprayed with CSP. The CSP displaces the water and sets up as if it was never wet.

Water pipe using CSP with NSF-61 approval.

Chemical Resistance Chart

Physical Properties

Chemskin Silicone Polyurea Fast-Set Sprayable  PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 3750 psi 2500 psi 2200 psi
Elongation ASTM D412  350% 450% 500%
Water absorption (24hr) ASTM D570  0.25% 0.25% 0.25%
Moisture Vapor Transmission ASTM E96  0.24 perms 0.24 perms 0.24 perms
Hardness ASTM D785 60-75D 80-75A 70-75A
Abrasion -TaberCS17 ASTM D4060 <30 mg/1k cycles <30 mg/1k cycles <30 mg/1k cycles
Tear Strength ASTM D624 690 lbs/ lin. in. 500 lbs/ lin. in. 300 lbs/ lin. in.
Gel Time Time 5-15 sec 5-15 sec 5-15 sec
Mix Ratio PBV 1:1 1:1 1:1
Hose Heat 160F 160F 160F
Primary Heat 160F 160F 160F
Gun Pressure Minimum 2000 PSI 2000 PSI 2000 PSI

Adhesion Results

Adhesion Results of Typical Substrates per ASTM D-4541 Elcometer
Concrete- No Primer >300 psi Cohesive failure; excellent bonding
Steel- No Primer >1000 psi Excellent bonding
Composite Lamination >1000 psi Saturated; excellent bonding
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