Cushion Foam

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Quick Overview

Cushion Foam is a superior bio-based flexible microcellular open-cell foam designed to deliver very high toughness and durability for diverse fields of application such as furniture seating cushions, automotive seating, house-wraps, play toys, shock and vibration absorption, impact sports padding, sound-proofing, etc. Seating densities normally range from 3-5 pcf. Density formulations may be adjusted to accommodate other very specific requirements including colors.

This unique bio-based high resilient (HR) flexible foam exhibits very low compression set while providing dimensional stability through its wide operating temperature range. Cushion Foam is formulated from special MDI pre-polymers to create very fast production and de-molding cycles.

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Physical Properties

Cushion Foam Physical Properties
Fire Rating FMVSS302 Pass Pass Pass
Indentation Force Deflection ASTM D3574 *18-30 lb *30-50 lb *50-85 lb
Tear Resistance ASTM D624 *1.0  lb/in *1.2 lb/in *1.4 lb/in
Tensile Strength ASTM D1623 *13 psi  min. *16 psi min. *16 psi min.
Compression Set @75% ASTM D3574 *14 % max. *10% max. *10% max.
Elongation ASTM D3574 *140% min. 130% min. 100% min.
Sag Factor ASTM D3574 *2.9 min. *2.9 min. *2.9 min.
Resilience (Ball Rebound) ASTM D3574 *52% *50% *49%
* Property Values will be relative to a particular foam density. Densities range from 3-5 PCF. Values shown are for 4.0  PCF.
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