I-Skin Foam

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Quick Overview

I-Skin Foam (Integral-Skin) is a high performance self-skinning foam designed for toughness and durability. Its hardness ranges from semi-rigid to sponge-soft to provide for multi-versatile applications such as commercial impact floor mats, seating cushions, vibration insulators, rigid impact panels, sports equipment, soft/rigid play toys, etc. It may be formulated in any color and many densities to accommodate very specific requirements.

This unique foam exhibits very low compression set while providing dimensional stability through its wide operating temperature range. I-Skin Foam is formulated from special MDI prepolymers to create very fast molding cycles. It is available using water or gas blown formulations. I-skin can also be formulated to meet CAL 117, MVSS 302 and FAR 25.853a

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Physical Properties

Molded Density (PCF) ASTM D1622 8 15 25
Tear Resistance ASTM D624 50  lb in 80 lb in 150 lb in
Tensile Strength ASTM D1623 130 psi  min. 160 psi min. 180 psi min.
Compression Set @75% ASTM D3574 14 % max. 10% max. 10% max.
Elongation ASTM D3574 140% min. 100% min. 50% min.
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