Primer 28 (Rigid or Flex)

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Quick Overview

Primer 28 is a one-component primer used primarily for concrete substrates and other inherently dust prone applications. It is available in Rigid or Flexible formulations. It is a moisture-cure solvent based polyisocyanate which is reduced 3:1 using Xylene, Naptha Aromatic 100, Butyl Acetate or MEK. This primer may be also formulated with zinc to provide galvanic protection when used in industrial metal assemblies. It is ideal for polyurea or polyaspartic topcoats which require high performance adhesive characteristics. It is normally used in demanding environments such as coastal marine, industrial chemical processing and oily water treatment plants where superior adhesion is required. Top-Coats include SuperSkinSytems’ polyurea coatings as well as other top coating systems such as uethanes, enamels or acrylics. If application surface retains extensive corrosion, normal forms of media blasting is recommended to create a secure surface preparation. PRIMER 28 is applied in thin coats and quickly flashes off to a dry-tacky touch in minutes depending on relative humidity and temperature. If the primer becomes totally dry or exceeds the max working application window of 24 hrs then a quick recoat will be necessary. Top coating must be applied to the primer while in a tacky wet to tacky dry state.

Please contact our technical support group for specific substrate application procedures, equipment, safety gear and clean-up kits. Refer to MSDS for material and safety standard procedures.

Technical Application Data

Primer 28 application temperature ranges from 50°F to 100°F. This primer exhibits a limited working time window as top-coating must be applied while the primer retains its tackyness state. Re-coating must be performed if tackyness is lost or exceeds the max working window of 24 hrs to ensure excellent bonding and intercoat adhesion. This primer requires reduction with solvent, such as Xylene, at a 3:1 ratio and will become very thin for good penetration and sprayability. Mix in solvent until water-like uniformity. Apply Primer 28 using air-less sparyer, roller or brush. Recommended max wet application film thickness is 10 mils. Material coverage per mixed gal 400 sq.ft/ gal. depending on roughness of surface. Solvent based materials must be used in well-ventilated areas. Always wear protected respiratory and eye protection when using.

Physical Properties

Primer 28 Physical Properties
Elongation ASTM D412 50% 150%
Salt Water Spray ASTM B117 Pass 500 hours Pass 500 hours
Cathodic Protection ASTM C876 Pass 75°C Pass 75°C
Viscosiy ASTM 522 5200-7000 cp 4500-6000 cp
Flash Point Pensky-Marten 460°F 460°F
Appearance Visual Amber Liquid Amber Liquid
Application Time Touch *dependent on humidity* *dependent on humidity*

Adhesion Results of Typical Substrates per ASTM D-4541 Elcometer

Concrete >250 psi Excellent bonding
Steel >250 psi Excellent bonding
Wood >250 psi Excellent bonding
EPDM/PVC Membrane >250 psi Excellent bonding

Substrate Surface Preparation

As always, preparation of substrate surface prior to the application of any SuperSkinSystem material as it is extremely important to achieve proper bonding of the total system.

Concrete must be fully cured and should be cleaned with a high pressure steam cleaner combined with an alkaline detergent wash solution or secured with a sandblasting or shot-blasting procedure depending on the severity of the concrete surface condition. After surface cleaning a thorough rinsing procedure must be completed to remove residual cleaning agents. Power blow drying then natural evaporative air drying is usually a sound procedure to eliminate moisture. For patching, use our calcium carbonate filled fast-set Acrylic Modified Epoxy applied by trowel. For expansion joints, use our Joist Seal applied by hand cartridge dispensing gun. Metals must be prepared and standardly prepped to be clean and free of contaminants.

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