WB Aliphatic Prepolymers (WB APU Series)

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Quick Overview

WB APUs are a new family of water-based aliphatic prepolymers using 2K WB polyurea technology. The proprietary isocyanate prepolymers are designed to be reacted with our water-based polyols to produce high strength UV resistant coatings while enhancing other properties such as abrasion resistance, adhesion, tensile strength and extended gel, tack free times and wet-out times. These solvent-free polyisocyanate prepolymers are offered in specific NCO content grades to deliver the desired properties of your end products and formulation requirements. Please contact our engineering group for customization solutions for your specific requirements.

Physical Properties

%NCO ASTM D2572 12-23% +/-0.5%
Optical Clearity Visual Clear- Hazen
Viscosity ASTM D445 250-1500 cps
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 1.10-1.16
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