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Sealer-9 is a flexible one-component 9% NCO isocyanate based sealer used primarily for sealing concrete and other porous cementuous substrates. It provides a tough moisture-curing penetrating film which may be solvent reduced up to 40% using Xylene, Naptha Aromatic 100, Butyl Acetate or MEK.

Sealer-9 is applied in thin wets coats and quickly flashes off to a dry-tacky touch in minutes depending on relative humidity and temperature. Please contact our technical support group for specific substrate application procedures, equipment, safety gear and clean-up kits. Refer to SDS for material and safety standard procedures.

Technical Application Data

Sealer-9 application temperature ranges from 60°F to 105°F. This sealer may be reduced with aromatic solvents such as Xylene, Naptha 100, etc. up to 40% pbv. The reduced mixture will become very thin for good penetration and sprayability. Apply Sealer-9 using air-less sparyer, roller or brush. Recommended max wet application film thickness is 10 mils. Material coverage per mixed gal 400 sq.ft/ gal. depending on roughness of surface. Solvent based materials must be used in well-ventilated areas. Always wear protected respiratory and eye protection when using.

Physical Properties

Elongation ASTM D412 150%
Salt Water Spray ASTM B117 Pass 500 hours
Viscosiy ASTM 522 2000-2200 cp
Flash Point Pensky-Marten 460°F
Appearance Visual Amber Liquid
Application Time Tacky Touch *dependent on humidity*
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