WB Modified Polyols

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WB Acrylic Modified Polyols are designed to be used in 2K waterborne coating formulations. These polyols when reacted with aliphatic isocyanates exhibit excellent durability regarding resistance to abrasion, chemicals and sunlight. They may also create an optically clear high gloss or matte finish which is available in rigid or flexible versions. WB Acrylic Modified Polyols materials may be color pigmented for solid or translucent appearance.

These 70% solids acrylic polyols are avaiable in 2 euqivalent weights. These polyols are intended to be used with WB aliphatic prepolmers such as WB Prepolymer-16 or WB Prepolymer-23. SuperSkinSystems offers a large range of WB Aliphatic Prepolymers form many customized coating formulations.

Recommended storage conditions are to protect from frost and high heat, temperature range: 45-120 F (7-49 C) and kept in tightly closed containers no longer than 12 months. KEEP FROM FREEZING. Please refer to MSDS for Product Safety and Regulatory information.

Physical Properties

Percent Solids ASTM D3926 70%
Viscosity (Liquid) @ 25C 1000
Equivalent Weight g/eq calculated 524
Density (Liquid) ASTM D1475 8.8 lbs/g
Ph (Liquid) DIN ISO 976 7-8


Percent Solids ASTM D3926 70%
Viscosity (Liquid) @ 25C 1500
Equivalent Weight g/eq calculated 732
Density (Liquid) ASTM D1475 8.8 lbs/g
Ph (Liquid) DIN ISO 976 7-8
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